DoorMUD Area and Map Info

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Level Area Boss Monsters
Town Tolaria
1-2 The Forest Brigand Leader, Orc Chieftain
Town Ancalador Cloaked Figure, High Imperial Kingpriest
2-4 Catacombs Zombie Master, Werewolf
2-4 Havenwood Sasquatch, Gypsy Tribeleader
2-4 Murky Caverns Mad Dwarf Leader, Abomination
5-7 Halls of the Dead Deathknight, Grim Reaper
5-7 Elder Havenwood Master of the Hunt, Headless Horseman
5-7 Courts of Chaos Demon Prince, Medusa
5-9 Gloomy Bayou Grendel
8-9 Central Empires Goblin King, Imperial Patrolman, Deranged Templar
Town Arcadia
9-11 Infernal Keep Dragon Ogre, Infernal Champion, Banshee, Infernal Denizen
9-11 Ancient Cave Minotaur, Thunderlord Titan, Cyclops, Two-Headed Giant
12-14 Great Pyramid Greater Mummy, Lich, Bone Dragon, Vampire Lord
13-15 Arcadia (Slums) Hobgoblin Slumlord, Greater Demon
13-15 Sand Temple High Bishop, Avatar of Light
14-16 Cursed Village Crazed Sheriff, Dark Djinni, Ancient Master
Town Hades
16-20 Dragon Cave Silver Dragon, Hydra, Dragon King, Dragon Queen
18-20 Dungeon of the Damned Shadow Lord, Angel of Death, Champion of Order, Warmaster of Chaos
21-23 Sand Dunes Burningman, Rock Hydra
21-23 The Tundra Leviathan, High Imperial Magus
21-25 The Eye of Chaos Bloodthirster, Demon King, Diamond Juggernaut, Dark Demigod, Avatar of Chaos

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