January 2021: New Year

(Read time is about 2 minutes)

Last year... 2020 was hectic.

You had a virus affecting the whole world, You had a Presidential Election, and yet thru all that you are living.

While the virus still seems like it's out there to get you, don't panic.

Simply make sure your following some "common sense":

Now if it was common sense, then everybody would be doing this. (This all starts with one person following the rules, and another seeing it being followed and thus they start following and on and on)

Then in November of 2020 we had our grand Presidental Election, about 3 months have gone by. (And we still don't know who won, many want to rush this, others not so much. What ever the results are, this has been quite some time just to have something that was made to protect the American People, so they can dictate who they feel/want in charge of them)

The big picture of all this, is Life, Liberty, and Persuit of Happiness.

We are still alive (Life), We still are in some form of Democracy (Liberty), and We are not bound up in endless captivity to not do as we please (Happiness).

Have a Happy New Year.