Minecraft, Almost Infinite Storage

(Read time is about 1 minutes)

So, you may be wondering what's the vanilla (normal) way to store a lot of stuff?


To repeat what the sign says that's 27 Stacks or 1,728 Items.

Keep in mind the Ender Chest is the same size as a single Chest.


Or 54 Stacks at 3,456 Items.

So what's the best way to store the most?

Shulker Box's allow us to expand the storage out considerably...

While a Shulker Box is the same size as a single Chest it can be picked up... allowing us to stick it into say... a Chest! (Or even the Echest!)

I call this technique Shulker'd or Shulkerizing...


And yes the numbers are correct, at 729 Stacks or 46,656 Items.


A massive 1,458 Stacks at 93,312 Items.