Minecraft: Readme (Introduction)

(Read time is about 1 minutes)

A World, Virtual... Imagination without end.

Build, Destroy, Fight...

First off,


W is Forward

S is Backward

A is Straft (Walk) Left

D is Straft Right

W, S, A, D.

Looking around:

Move the Mouse UP to Look UP

Mouse DOWN to Look DOWN

Mouse LEFT to Look LEFT

Mouse RIGHT to Look RIGHT

Note: The Little Crosshair it where you are Directly Looking, Useful in Combat and Interaction.

Note: You can Still Move and Look around at the same time.


LEFT click on Mouse to DESTROY / ATTACK

RIGHT click on Mouse to PLACE / USE / EAT / DRINK / INTERACT

Note: You can Drink Potions, Place Blocks, Use the Shield, Eat Food, Place Torch, Interact with Chests, Interact with Crafting Tables, Interacting with Furnaces, Interacting with Beds, Interacting with Anvils, Interacting with Ender Chests, Interacting with Doors (Wooden Only), Interacting with Villagers, Interacting with Buttons, Interacting with Levers, Interacting with Redstone Repeaters, and Interacting with Redstone Comparators.