Minetest How to: Install Mods

(Read time is about 2 minutes)

Of course you want mods for your Minetest. (unless you enjoy really boring games)

We have 2 ways to do that:

With the Client (GUI)

So you have the main menu... Hit Content.


Now your looking at the list of installed packages/mods/games.

Click the Browse online content button.


Here is where you can page thru all the avalible mods you can install.

Simply select a mod or game and just hit the green plus + to download it and install it.

It may pop up a menu that lists all the mod/games dependencies.

The pop up allows you to see what all the mod needs to install before it itself can be installed and work correctly. (There is a check box to install the missing dependencies, most of the time you should leave that alone)

Simply hit the Install button on the pop up to continue installing that mod.

And as complicated as it is... let's say you installed something you don't want... simple.

Just hit the red minus - to delete it... it will ask if you really want to delete it.

Hit Delete and the mod will be uninstalled. (You can always reinstall it if needed)

Once your done hit the Back to Main Menu to exit this.

With git

Go to .minetest/mods in a terminal.

Get the .git link from github or what ever site you can get the source code from.

Enter git clone <your-git-link-here> where your-git-link-here would be replaced.

(I.E. git clone https://github.com/Beanzilla/durapick.git would grab my durapick mod)

Restart your client if it was running and enjoy the new mod.