September 2016: First 4th Awaken News Post!

(Read time is about 1 minutes)

The first of a brand NEW Thing, See 'Beanzilla: The Fourth Awakens' to learn of the Guidelines to this post.

The First thing that came out either last month or this month is the new web game ''.

We are all excited to Post about the Brand new web game, But first we have to play around with it... err Actually we need to learn about it. (A Post should be out some time with in the hour of this Post.)

The Second thing that came out about 2 days ago is We are learning of CMS (Content Management Systems) hence Bolt has been introduced. Eventually, we will be Online and running at full function, Replacing with some other URL for our site. Currently when this is written we are not Online, However in the near future we will be Online.