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My Minetest Server

Behold I own a Minetest server.

While simular to Minecraft in some ways it also is not the same (of course).

It's nice to be able to talk about owning something, not just contributing or helping someone else run something.

Here is where I will post fantastic feats like:

My Minetest Server: Getting a shop

I've finally done it... I've finally got a server shop running.

It's not even done, as there is as always more things I want to add, or plan to add.

I've even made a plaque for it.


If you want to see it, here it is:



Mostly good for buying …


Here's a list of my tutorials for Minetest (I used 5.4.0-dev):

Want to try out some of my mods? You can find some that are released here. (Or try looking at my github repos with the tags minetest-mod and minetest-modpack)

Want to know …

Minetest How to create a game

So you've started the game... Now lets hit New...


Ok, fill in the world name and hit Create...


Now that we are back at the main screen... Hit Play Game...


Now you should be in a new world you just created.

Keep in mind you can when at the main …

Minetest How to: Install Mods

Of course you want mods for your Minetest. (unless you enjoy really boring games)

We have 2 ways to do that:

With the Client (GUI)

So you have the main menu... Hit Content.


Now your looking at the list of installed packages/mods/games.

Click the Browse online content button …

Minetest or Minecraft

So I know many of you use my Minecraft how-to guides on learning how to make a particular item... Now a days I am playing Minetest.

Minetest is a game engine, Minecraft is a game.

With Minetest you can make "mini-games" easily, where as Minecraft can too but not as …