The times before Covid-19

(Read time is about 1 minutes)

You could go to a restaurant... no I mean walk into it sit down order a meal and talk with friends/family.

Not only that, when you walked in you would have the silverware out... already to go, instead of after your food arives the silverware being in a bag.

Along with not needing to wear a mask, or worrying about if the restaurant is even open. (Or if it died due to being closed down)

Employees of that restaurant were not busy cleaning tables with disinfectant, instead they were helping you find a seat.

Places were full, I mean you had to wait to be seated because the place had no more tables avalible. (Not because of regulations, or "social distancing")

So a lot has changed, some good and some bad. We may not ever go back to all this... but we will return to some form of "normal".