Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Config

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So you are wondering what other things can I change to make gameplay even nicer?

Display_Best do we show Best Trades in a Trade Report? (Y or N)

Display_Maxlines how many ports do we show in a Trade Report? (Number)

Display_Ok do we show Okay Trades in a Trade Report (Y or N)

Display_Percent show only ports at or above this value (Number)

Explorer_PrefPorts does the Explore Script prefer ports over anything else? (Y or N)

Macro execute keystrokes. (Text)

Terror_Use Does it go in order or use closes. (F or C)

Trade_Percent trade by this percent, must be at or lower than 5. (Number)

Trade_Stop stop trading when a port gets to or below this percent. (Number)

Trade_Turns trade with a port this many times. (Number)

Trade_UseFirst if we can trade with multiple ports trade with the first one. (Y or N)