Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Reports

(Read time is about 1 minutes)

So I assume you have the Proxy active... if not it's simply join a game and hit ~ to activate.

Now that you have,


Now to issue a Port Report...


Or if you want to skip ahead on seeing all the commands just hit ? to get help.


So you hit P and now wait while it loads in all the ports you know...

Loading ../

Each . means 1000 ports, so in the above example we have 2000+ ports loaded.

And now W for our warps...

Loading ....\

Again, in this case we are loading 4000+ warps loaded.

Now... what to do with that data?

T to make a Trade Report...

This will show all the ports you know that are Best or Okay port pairs.

What is the difference?

Best means they are Buying and Selling Equipment and Organics... this will make the most profit.

Okay means they are Buying and Selling Fuel Ore and either Equipment or Organics... not the best at making money, but it does make something.

After hiting T the proxy assumes you want to type in one of the left side sector numbers go there and start trading.

Checkout trading with proxy to continue this tutorial.