Trade Wars: 2002 Proxy, Trading

(Read time is about 2 minutes)

So your at a sector with a port and there is another port selling something this port is buying and vice versa...

How do you get the Proxy to trade with them?

Well there are 2 ways to go about trading with the Proxy...

Both are under the S cripts menu...


So for starters you could use 1 but as you will learn it's better to use ! which trades with many port pairs.

Perhaps you did ! but it came up and said no ports to trade with, or it says to configure Trade_UseFirst and Trade_Turns...

So use 1 to get those settings in the Configuration.

Go ahead trade then bring up the Proxy again, then hit C for Configuration.

The first 9 that is 1 thru 9 can be accessed by just pressing that number... Greater than 9 requires you to use E then that number then the value for that setting.

So what should you put for Trade_UseFirst or Trade_Turns?

I tend to set Trade_UseFirst to Y for yes use the first on it finds in the list of ports. (This is only used if there are multiple ports it could trade with)

As for Trade_Turns I tend to set it to say 200 meaning make sure the port is out of stuff then move on to the next port. (This means how many times it trades at a port before considering it done and moving on, 30 is a good number to still trade with)

If it's visable you can change Trade_Stop, Trade_Percent and even Terror_Use.

Trade_Stop is stop trading with this port pair if one of these ports is at or below this value... (Great for if you have high Trade_Turns because it will stop automatically based on this)

Trade_Percent is what percent to trade at, not recommended to set this higher than 5. (Set this lower to make slightly less money but trade more before the Proxy gets stuck)

Terror_Use is either F or C... F means go thru the list of Best Trades and trade thru in order... where as C means trade at the closest pair and just keep trading with the closest pair. (Set this to C or F if it's saying it can't find ports, then you may need to move if it still says no ports to trade with)

Each of these Configuration Settings provides you with more flexiblity...

More on Configuration can be found Here